Cultural Itineraries

Cultural Nicaragua Nicaragua’s going to be a delightful cultural surprise. While visible history is recorded in ancient rock paintings and fine pottery, even more

Eco Experiences

Nicaragua, Naturally Calling all nature-lovers to a discovery vacation in a country that has retained much of its natural diversity. On our routing, start

Adventure Tours

Nicaragua Intense Adventure Begin this vacation in the capital city before taking to the road to discover that Nicaragua is the ideal destination for

Beach-Bound Sojourn

Beach-Bound Sojourn Nicaragua’s beaches come in all colors: gorgeous white stretches of wide-open beach lapping both Caribbean and Atlantic coasts, darker sandy coves along

Family Holidays

Discover the majestic city of Granada; is a perfect gateway to enjoy all the bounties that Nicaragua offers, like nature, canopy, adventure, history, culture,

Honeymoon Escapades

Honeymoon Escapades For those beginning a new life together or just looking to spend quality time with someone they love, we have chosen two

Nicaragua Luxe

Nicaragua Exclusiva If your idea of a perfect-stay, nature-reserve-bound resort might include a private villa with indoor tub and outdoor shower, sighting on horseback